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We are now a Pallatrax Associated Fishery!

Pallatrax Fishing Baits

We're proud to announce that we are now a Pallatrax Associated Fishery. For us this means that Pallatrax's considerable expertise in water ecology and lake management is available to us on a consultancy basis. For you, the angler, it means that we now stock a wide range of Pallatrax baits and tackle - and available at a discount for our guests.

Anglers are of course keenly aware that underneath the surface of the water lies a complete eco-system where water quality and the hundreds of species present in a mature water are mutually inter-dependent. Pallatrax baits help ensure that aquatic life – from the largest fish down to microscopic life-forms – are properly fed with what's needed for strong healthy growth – and unusually within the bait industry Pallatrax products are designed not only to attract and catch fish – but also feed them with quality, balanced ingredients and without the use of 'fillers'.

We're delighted to be able to offer Pallatrax's excellent baits - furthermore, Pallatrax ,as a company based (and manufacturing!) in North Devon, fits strongly with our policy of supporting local business and jobs.