Fishing Lake Rules

We want everyone to enjoy our beautiful surroundings but please note that the lake is very deep and the banks are both steep and slippery.  Please take care when walking around the lake and please note that children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Guests are welcome to fish at any time between dawn and dusk but they must have an Environment Agency Rod Licence and they have the power to fine you if you do not have one. Click here for information on how to obtain an Environment Agency Rod Licence.

If you are not experienced please tell us so that we can give you guidance on how to fish and, most importantly, how to land your catch and remove the hooks safely.

The lake is stocked with coarse fish including a variety of Carp (Grass, Common, Ghost and Mirror).  There is a good seletion of silver fish including Rudd, Roach, Golden Tench, and Golden Orfe.  We permit any type of bait but please be aware that if you use worms then it is likely you will catch wild Eels.

If you do not have a rod then we have kits available to hire for £5 per day - just ask in the office for further details.  

Please note that only barbless hooks are permitted and we do not permit keep nets.  To ensure the health of the fish we will supply a landing net.  

For day visitors Day Tickets are available at a cost of £5 for adults and £3 for children.  Tickets are available from the office.

Blagdon Farm Coarse Fishery Rules

  • Barbless hooks only
  • To ensure the continued good health of the fish only our nets should be used to land fish
  • Keep nets are not permitted
  • Fish, when landing, must not be taken above knee height - and all photographs must be taken kneeling.
  • Unhooking mats MUST be used - you may use your own providing it has been sterilised prior to use at Blagdon Farm.
  • You are encouraged to use fish anti-septic in the mouth prior to returning the fish to the water although this is not compulsory
  • Open fires, including disposable barbecues, are not permitted
  • Please remove your litter and take it home with you
  • No bent hook rigs or fixed leads
  • Anglers are asked to respect the privacy of lodge guests and to use the designated paths
  • Anglers are asked to be considerate to other people and not to behave inappropriately..

Notes on Rules

Landing Nets

Although little research has taken place on the vectors of disease transmission in coarse fish (unlike Salmon and Trout that are multi-million £ industries) it makes sense to reduce contact between waters as much as possible. We prefer to insist on our nets being used and unhooking mats that are sterilised by the owner – prolonged exposure to UV light (strong sunlight) is better than chemical dips at killing pathogens.

Landing and Displaying your catch

Due to an incident last year, where a large carp was dropped from standing chest height, we now insist on keeping fish as low to the ground as possible in case of accident. Dropping fish from standing height will certainly cause internal injury and death.

Fish Antiseptic

The jury is as yet undecided on the advisability of this for fish welfare – hence we merely suggest it as a recommendation that you may like to follow (or not!) – and perhaps do your own research on the efficacy of the treatment.

Thank you for respecting our rules and Happy Fishing!