English Heritage in Devon

There are some fascinating English Heritage properties in Devon and Cornwall to visit.  For full details click here to go to the English Heritage website or click on the links below to see more about the properties in Devon.

Okehampton Castle view on map

Okehampton Castle

Devon | South West

Once the largest castle in Devon, nestling in the foothills of Dartmoor. Reputedly haunted and mentioned in the Domesday Book.


Grimspound view on map


Devon | South West

The best known of many Dartmoor prehistoric settlements, Grimspound dates from the late Bronze Age. The remains of 24 stone houses survive within a massive boundary wall.


Hound Tor Deserted Medieval Village view on map

Hound Tor Deserted Medieval Village

Devon | South West

The remains of four 13th century stone farmsteads, on land originally farmed in the Bronze Age. This isolated Dartmoor hamlet was probably abandoned in the early 15th century.


Lydford Castle and Saxon Town view on map

Lydford Castle and Saxon Town

Devon | South West

Beautifully sited on the fringe of Dartmoor, Lydford boasts three defensive features. Near the centre is a 13th-century tower on a mound, built as a prison.


Merrivale Prehistoric Settlement view on map

Merrivale Prehistoric Settlement

Devon | South West

The remains of a Bronze Age settlement, side by side with several sacred sites, including three stone rows, a stone circle, standing stones and burial cairns.


Blackbury Camp view on map

Blackbury Camp

Devon | South West

An Iron Age hillfort with impressive ramparts, now surrounded by woodland.


Upper Plym Valley view on map

Upper Plym Valley

Devon | South West

Some 300 Bronze Age and medieval sites, covering 15 1⁄2 square kilometres (6 square miles) of Dartmoor landscape.


Totnes Castle view on map

Totnes Castle

Devon | South West

A classic Norman motte and bailey castle, founded soon after the Conquest to overawe the Saxon town. A later stone shell-keep crowns its steep mound, giving views across the town to the River Dart.


Berry Pomeroy Castle view on map

Berry Pomeroy Castle

Devon | South West

Tucked away in a steep wooded valley, Berry Pomeroy Castle is the perfect romantic ruin.


Kirkham House, Paignton view on map

Kirkham House, Paignton

Devon | South West

This late medieval stone house, afterwards split into three cottages was restored in the 1960s.


Royal Citadel, Plymouth view on map

Royal Citadel, Plymouth

Devon | South West

A dramatic 17th-century fortress built to defend the coastline from the Dutch, and keep watch on a recently rebellious town. Still in use by the military today.


Bayard's Cove Fort view on map

Bayard's Cove Fort

Devon | South West

Small Tudor artillery fort guarding Dartmouth's inner harbour, picturesquely sited on the quayside.


Dartmouth Castle view on map

Dartmouth Castle

Devon | South West

Beautifully located fortresses on the edge of the river. For over 600 years Dartmouth Castle has guarded the Dart Estuary and the busy, vibrant port of Dartmouth.